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 FLAG DAY, 2008
Once again Old Glory has its time
We’ll wave it and put it on display
At least, those of us who own one
And not all do, I’m so sad to say.
There are some that don’t salute it
And some want to share its place
With flags of some other country
And I think, that’s a damned disgrace.
Political correctness, out of control
Our Federal Courts, I think, are wrong
When they say, anyone can burn it
And We, the People, must just go along.
Some had to change the old “Pledge”
And add, the “under God”, to it
It was just fine, the way it was
But now, those words give some, a fit.
It’s for the pride of our Country
For, those Stars and Stripes which wave
For all Americans. of all faiths
And too, for all of those who Gave.
Once it was loved, and/or respected
In most places, ‘round this Earth
Now there’s some, question its meaning
And just how much, Freedom is worth.
Our prestige around the World
Has dropped to an all-time low
And more people want to burn it
Yes, even here at home, you know.
There’s hope, that we can overcome 
And, that all, will once more see
We really are, “Home of the Brave
And, “The Land of the Free”!
So, take our Star Spangled Banner
And wave it proudly and hold it high
Tell all, it stands for, Freedom and Rights
For if we don’t, worse times draw nigh.
Del “Abe” Jones
info about Flag etiquette
from past years>
(from two years ago, but still applies
as nothing seems to have changed
except we have more War casualties
and illegal immigrants)
"They’re fighting now about our Flag
Some say that, "It’s alright to burn it!"
But our History’s reached another page
And the time has quickly come to turn it.
We have people marching in the streets
Who wave flags from some foreign land
They want the same Rights as you and I
(Like that’s what, our Forefathers planned?)
Some want a two language Nation
To speak English, and that other one
They want to steal all our identities
And probably will, before they’re done.
We are being sold to the lowest bidder
Our jobs are being outsourced "over there"
They don’t have to Fight, they’ll just buy us
And it seems, nobody seems to care!
We spend billions in foreign aid
"To make the World, a better place!" (?)
They take all those dollars greedily
And then, they’ll slap us in the face.
We went from having money in the bank
To the worst deficit in our history
While the rich keep getting richer
At the cost of those like you and me.
We have seniors, the poor, and young
Who don’t have the basic Human needs
Like food and shelter and health care
And that plants some very bitter seeds.
It seems we care more about others
Than trying to take care of our own
Especially those who hold our purse strings
Most who, hard times they’ve never known.
Thirty-five hundred Warriors killed
With more added each and every day
And thousands more hurt and maimed
While some say, "The price we must pay!"
But those who send them off to War
Are not the ones who pay that cost
It’s not their loved ones sent away
Who might not return, who are lost.
We were misled or led astray
But that’s a whole other story
The real truth, while in waging Wars
There is rarely any Truth or Glory.
We People must all be appeased
And made to think we’re doing good
That, in the end it will all be worth it
(And would be a nice change if it would.)
But the killing of our fellow Man
Has always been the Human way
Usually fueled by greed and power
No matter, what else they may say.
Those who penned our Constitution
Are probably turning in disgust
As our Rights are disappearing
And it’s wrong (?), "In God We Trust!"
Our Independence is being hijacked
By a Government that has gone wild
Who say they know what’s best for us
And treat us all, like some stepchild.
That, "By And For The People!"
Is the way it was always meant to be
But the way things have been going
Takes from, this "Land Of The Free!"
Even when we try to speak our mind
Most of them will turn a deaf ear
Say, "No, we know what’s good for you!"
Or, "That’s not what we want to hear!"
Someday, with a day of reckoning
We will all wonder, "What went wrong?
When we used to be the Greatest Nation
And were Free, and Proud, and Strong!"
On the Fourth we Celebrate
The Birth of our Nation
But a Teacher in Wisconsin
Gave the Flag its Occasion.
In Eighteen eighty-five
He had his students Celebrate
The Birthday of our Flag
Which was one hundred and eight.
As more People over years
Observed the Fourteenth as "Flag Day"
In Nineteen sixteen Woodrow Wilson
Proclaimed it so, in May.
Then in nineteen forty-nine
An act of Congress was declared
Signed by President Truman
That since, we all have shared.
"National Flag Day" was born
From those sewn strips of rag
And we should Honor it every day
Old Glory, our Grand Flag.
More than two hundred years ago
Betsy Ross sewed strips of rag -
From those bits of colored cloth
Was shaped "Old Glory", our grand flag.
Stripes of red and white
For the thirteen colonies -
White stars against the blue
Began waving in the breeze.
It's gone through minor changes -
With stars added, as we grew -
It's flown proudly o'er our land
And in some other countries, too.
That symbol of our freedom -
Should be protected, at all cost -
But now our reverence for it
Seems, to be getting lost.
There are some things so sacred
To our great American way
That, those who desecrate it
Should, have a price, to pay.
Even though each buys his own
That flag belongs to us all -
It's owned by all the people
And we should never let it fall.

They said, "It's alright to burn it."
"You can throw it to the ground."
"You can wear it on your back.
That symbol of the freedom bound.
It's been through catastrophes -
Flown high in wartime's strife -
Men swore they would protect it
And did so with their life.
What makes them so supreme -
The high court of this land
To tell us when those Stars and Stripes
Should fall; when they should stand.
What right do they think they have
To let our flag be set ablaze -
Once, it was loved and respected -
Back there, in the good ol' days.
Del "Abe" Jones

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